Undersink Ultrafiltration Water Filter System With Dedicated Faucet


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  • Waterdrop Undersink Water Filtration System employs an advanced UF membrane, which reduces bacteria, microorganisms, and any contaminants larger than 0.01 μm.[1]
  • The under counter water filtration system comes with a lead-free brushed stainless steel faucet. 
  • Premium lead-free materials are fully certified by the WQA against NSF 372 standard. BPA-free materials are also used. Effective chlorine reduction is certified against NSF 42 standard by the WQA.
  • With innovative push-to-connect fittings, the entire installation process takes less than 3 minutes. The twist-and-lock design ensures that you can replace the filter in 3 seconds without any tools.
  • The extended filter life ensures the filtration capacity of 8,000, 16,000, 19,000 gallons, this under sink water filter system delivers safe filtered water all day long.[2]
  • This system filters out contaminants while retaining beneficial elements. It’s ideal for cooking, washing fruits and vegetables, and washing dishes.
  • The adequate water supply meets the water needs in small-scale offices. This purifier works without electricity and doesn’t produce wastewater.
Improved filtration
  • Four-stage filtration. This under-sink water purification system adopts an advanced ultrafiltration membrane to reduce bacteria, chlorine, odor, sediment, rust, and other heavy metals, which is tested by the third-party laboratory. You don’t have to worry about the safety of the filtered water.[1]
  • The under counter water filter system also retains minerals that are essential to your body, such as potassium, calcium, sodium, and magnesium. Enjoy fresh, healthy water with Waterdrop.
  • Bacteria, microorganisms, and any contaminants larger than 0.01μm cannot go through the ultrafiltration membrane, which results in excellent filtration performance.[1]
Less future replacement cost
  • On average, you’ll spend 10¢ per day for the first year. You’ll pay only 5¢ per day for the filter replacement and your water quality will improve with each passing day.
  • Note: Cost varies according to product model.
Compact but efficient design
  • The compact design saves a significant amount of under-sink space and creates more room for storage.
    Versatile - connect with the dedicated faucet
    • This under counter water filtration system comes with a lead-free brushed stainless steel faucet designed to provide safe filtered water. You can install the new faucet into the original faucet hole or drill a 1⅜” hole for it.
    • The dedicated faucet and your original faucet will separate the filtered water from unfiltered water, which meet different daily water needs.
    [1]*Information is based on Effectiveness of Membrane Filtration to Improve Drinking Water: A Quasi-Experimental Study from Rural Southern India, Nov 2016.
    *Information is based on CARBON BLOCK MANUFACTURING by WQP, June 2001.
    [2]*The service life mentioned above is subject to chlorine reduction. Actual result varies according to the local water quality.

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