Reverse Osmosis System for Home - White or Black


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Model: WD-G2-W

  • Waterdrop G2 tankless reverse osmosis system reduces total dissolved solids in your water by 95%.
  • The composite integrated filters instantly filter water to deliver a continuous supply when you need it.
  • The tankless design ensures the safety of your drinking water and saves under-sink storage space.
  • The fast water flow rate of 400 GPD, saving over 300% of water and resulting in a 1:1 drain ratio.
  • The advanced integrated design of the electrical and water circuits reduces leakage.
  • The lead-free faucet is made of food grade copper-zinc alloy with a brushed nickel plating.

Composite filter technology

  • The new composite filter technology employs an superior filter combination to achieve more efficient filtration.
  • The composite water filters can effectively reduce most contaminants.

Composite integrated filters

  • CF filter reduces rust, sediment, large particles, chlorine, taste and odor.
  • MRO filter effectively reduces most contaminants, such as antibiotics, organic matter, heavy metals, nitrite, bacteria, and limescale. This reverse osmosis water filter improves the taste of water and provides purified water.

Reverse osmosis membrane

  • The reverse osmosis membrane has a pore size of 0.0001 μm, which is one-millionth of a strand of hair. Bacteria and viruses are 5,000 times larger than its pore size.
  • Therefore, only water molecules and some beneficial mineral ions can pass through the RO membrane. Heavy metals and other impurities are discharged from the waste water tubing.
  • The G2 RO membrane can reduce most harmful substances in water.

Innovative tankless design

  • The tankless reverse osmosis system ensures the safety of your family’s drinking water.
  • This compact RO system also saves over 70% more under-sink storage space when compared to traditional reverse osmosis water filter systems.
  • The tankless design avoids recontamination, such as bacterial growth.

Fills a cup of water in 12 seconds

  • This G2 Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System offers a fast water flow rate of up to 400 GPD. Get a cup of filtered water in 12 seconds, saving you money on bottled water all while saving time.
  • Compared to the traditional RO water filter system, which only has continuous water flow during the first two minutes, Waterdrop reverse osmosis system always has a stable water flow.


  • Please refer to the diagram and be aware that you need to drill a hole in your countertop to place the smart faucet (No need for this step if your countertop already has a hole).
  • Also, an adapter will be installed on your household water pipe to connect to RO system’s wastewater tubing and input water tubing.
  • Electricity is required to run the RO system.
  • If you are using well water, we recommend applying a pre-filter (5-10 μm). Placing this RO after a salt-based water softener may affect the taste (reduce rate 90%) We do not recommend connecting tankless RO to a refrigerator or ice maker.

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