Under Sink Ultrafiltration Water Filter | Direct Connect Filtration System


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  • Waterdrop Undersink Water Filtration System employs an advanced UF membrane, which effectively reduces bacteria, microorganisms, and any contaminants larger than 0.01 μm.
  • The advanced six-stage filtration also effectively reduces chlorine, lead, taste and odor, sediment, fluoride, rust, arsenic, and other heavy metals.
  • With innovative push-to-connect fittings, the entire installation process takes less than 3 minutes. The twist-and-lock design ensures that you can replace the filter in 3 seconds without any tools.
  • The extended filter life ensures the filtration capacity of 8,000, 16,000, 19,000 gallons, this under sink water filter system delivers safe filtered water all day long.
  • The compact design saves a significant under sink space and brings more room for storage. This system is ideal to be installed in the kitchen, bathroom, RV, or small-scale offices to meet your various water needs.
Advanced UF Membrane
  • Bacteria, microorganisms, and any contaminants larger than 0.01 μm cannot go through the ultrafiltration membrane, which results in excellent filtration performance.
Compact and Efficient Design
  • The compact design saves a significant amount of under-sink space and creates more room for storage.
Simple Installation
  • Easy installation takes only 3 minutes .
  • Replacing the filter only takes only 3 seconds .
  • The push-to-connect fittings make installation easier, saving you time and effort.
Versatile Use - Connect With Your Original Faucet
  • This under counter water filtration system has a stable water flow and high filtration efficiency. The tested full flow rate is 2.0 gpm at 60 psi. You’ll get filtered water without the wait.
  • Waterdrop Undersink Water Filtration System has different options for connecting to your original faucet, a dedicated Waterdrop faucet, or your refrigerator. 


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